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Bank: Monaco   
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Bank: Monaco¬
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Bank of the world
Bank: Monaco  
Bank of Monaco

Created pursuant to a Sovereign Ordinance which goes back to more than one half-century, Association has in particular as an aim:

to be the professional organization of the approved establishments carrying on a banking or financial in Principality, to ensure the representation of the Place, in particular with respect to the Authorities, to undertake any action and to play a driving part in order to support the development of the Place of Monaco.

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With a total of 70 members, banks, finance companies and of management of wallets, the AMB federates the whole of the establishments of the Place, maintains a permanent dialogue as well with the partenairessociaux ones as with the principal economic actors the Principality, and constitutes the priviligié interlocutor of the Authorities Monegasques for all that milked with the profession.

The AMB is thus in the middle of the action and the reflexions concerning the reforms necessary to the harmonious development of the banking and financial Place.

Such reflexions, the proposals which result from this and has interfaced it which follows between the representatives of the Authorities and those of the banking houses by the way of the AMB, constitute the keystone of the device which must allow the continuation of the evolution and the modernization of the banking environment and financial of the Principality, enagées for a few years.

This tendency will nothing but do be confirmed in the years to come, a deep transformation of the banking apparatus Monegasque, who was resolutely directed in the way of patrimonial management, without to sacrifice the traditional activities of the trades of the bank.

The AMB, attached to its independence and conscious of its responsibilities, intends to continue and intensify the action already undertaken in order to still increase the international character of the banking and financial Place Monegasque who should constitute one of principal - if not the main thing - growing point of the Principality in the years to come.

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the banking

S.A.S. the Prince Albert II of Monaco Registry office and distinctions S.A.S. the Prince Albert II, Alexandre, Louis, Pierre, Prince Souverain of Monaco, Marquis of the Beams, was born on March 14, 1958.

Its Highness is the son of S.A.S. the Prince Rainier III, Louis Henri-Maxence-Bertrand, (May 31, 1923 to April 6, 2005) and Princess Grace, born Kelly, (Philadelphia (the U.S.A.) November 12, 1929 - Monaco, September 14, 1982).

Its Highness had as a godfather, fire Prince Louis de Polignac, and for godmother, feue the Victoria-Eugénia Queen of Spain. S.A.S. the Prince Albert II was made: Grand Cross about Saint-Charles, on March 13, 1979, Grand Cross of about Grimaldi, on April 18, 1958, Colonel of the Police officers, on November 11, 1986.

Missions and responsibilities On Thursday March 31, 2005, in accordance with the Statutes of the Sovereign Family, the Council of the Crown, received by the Secretary of State, after having informed of them S.A.S. the Prince Héréditaire Albert, noted the prevention for S.A.S. the Prince Rainier III to exert His High positions.

Dice at the time, Regency was ensured by S.A.S. the Prince Héréditaire Albert. On Wednesday April 6, 2005, S.A.S. the Prince Albert II succeeds His Father, the Prince Rainier III, who dies this bronchopulmonary day of the continuations of the affections, cardiac and renal which had required its hospitalization in the center cardio thoracic on March 7, 2005. Since 1984, S.A.S. Prince Albert assisted His Father in the control of the businesses of the State.

Festival of Television of Monte Carlo S.A.S. the Prince was named by Sovereign Ordonnance of June 1, 1988, President of the Steering Committee of the International Festival of Television of Monte Carlo. For this reason, Its Highness supervises the preparation and the control of this annual demonstration as well as the Living room “Imagined” devoted to the synthesized images.

Environment In the sector of the environment, Its Highness follows closely all the actions engaged by the Groupings and Associations of the Principality for the control of pollution of any nature (Living room of the electric vehicles, the clean Mediterranean,…) Within the framework of the Day of the Environment of July 30, 1991, and in introduction to the meeting of the Environmental Committee of the United Nations which was held before the Summit of Rio of 1992, Its Highness spoke to evoke the responsibility for each one on the problems involved in the environment.

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Bank of the world

Activities within the International Olympic Committee In June 1985, Its Highness is co-opted within the Olympic International Committee during the 90ème Session, in Berlin.

In 1988, Its Highness is selected like representative of the Olympic International Committee for the tests of veil yachting, in Pusan, for the Olympic Games of Seoul. In December 1988, Its Highness is named Vice-Président of the Commission of the Athletes of the Olympic International Committee by the President, Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch.

In 1990, Its Highness became Member of the Commission of Coordination for the Olympic Games 1996 of Atlanta. In December 1999, Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch calls upon His Highness again, and names It representing Athletes within the Commission of Admission of the C.I.O. S.A.S. Prince Albert is also Member of the Commission of the candidatures and Member of the Commission of Coordination of the XXème Winter Olympics in Turin 2006.

Prince Albert is Vice-président of the Commission of the athletes of the C.I.O. In the cultural field S.A.S. the Prince Albert II ensures: The Vice-presidency of the Foundation Princess Grace of Monaco. This institution, created by the Princess Grace, in 1964, has triple vocation. On the cultural level, the Foundation supports the traditional Dancing school, Princesse Grace” by a direct action, but also by purses allotted to young talented dancers like with pupils of the Academy of Music Prince Rainier III.

The Foundation created in 1984, “Princess Grace Irish Library” whose collections are opened to the students and to researchers in literature and history of Ireland. In the second place, the Foundation supports the local arts and crafts by two shops located one on the Rock, the other in Monte Carlo.

Lastly, the Foundation takes actions of benevolence mainly in favour of childhood, as well on the local level as world-wide. Its principal effort goes to the families of the children handicapped by the disease. It takes the form of interventions on the ground (workshop theatre, site installation), and of a help to medical research by means of investment funds especially affected. The Vice-presidency of the “Foundation Princess Grace - the USA”, since 1982.

The Foundation was created to perpetuate the memory and the engagement of the Princess Grace in the artistic field. Each year, at the time of an Official reception in New York, the Foundation gives from the grants to the young talents of the world of Arts: dance, music, theatre, cinema… Presidency of Honor of the Association of the Friends of the Opera of Monte Carlo, since November 1993. Presidency of Honor of the National Committee Monegasque of the International association of the Visual arts of UNESCO, since August 31, 1999.

In the economic field In addition to the follow-up of the actions carried out by the Government and the various economic agents of the Principality, Its Highness is interested of close with the initiatives of the associative organizations. Its Highness is an in particular Honorary president of the Young Economic Room of Monaco.

This Association, created in 1963, endeavours to contribute to economic, social, and cultural progress of the community according to the principles of freedom, respect of the individual and tolerance. In the field of the humane action Since 1982 S.A.S. Prince Albert is a President of the Red Cross Monegasque. Its Highness takes part in the follow-up: multiple programs of international assistances, actions on the own territory, helps for specific actions.

S.A.S. the Prince Albert II is, also Honorary president of association “Monaco Aide and Presence” (M.A.P.), created in 1979, with the support of the Princess Grace. Following the participation of the Prince in the Rally Paris - Dakar in 1985 and 1986, M.A.P. built, in Agadès in Niger, a dispensary inaugurated in April 1988, which bears Its name.

Since then, the establishment was supplemented by a maternity, an analysis laboratory and became the most important Center of care of Niger North. Other humane actions are led to Brazil, in Madagascar, in ex-Yugoslavia, in Romania, in Sri Lanka, in India and with the doors of Monaco in a specific way. S.A.S. the Prince Albert II went itself on several occasions on the spot. Thus at the beginning of March 2005, It went to Sri Lanka in order to visit the orphanage Princesse Grace of Kalutara and several sites devastated by the tsunamis of December 26, 2004.

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