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Bank of the world
Bank: Switzerland  
Bank of Switzerland

• Switzerland is again noted by the International Monetary International Monetary Funds (the IMF), which envisages a growth of almost 2% of its economy in 2007. The continuation of the structural reforms is encouraged. The experts of the IMF put forward the good health of the Swiss economy.

The fast growth, in a context of strong use of the capacities of work and of an inflation relatively low, reveals an increased potential, raised Monday Bob Traa, chief of the mission of inspection of the IMF, in front of the press in Bern. The growth rate waited of the interior product gross (GDP) of 2%, qualified of “solid” by the IMF, corresponds to the forecasts of the Swiss national Bank (BNS) published in mid-December.

It slightly exceeds that of the Secretariat of State to the economy (SECO), which forecasts 1,7%. The monetary policy of Switzerland will have to be particularly attentive and flexible, the IMF estimates. The rate of inflation should certainly remain low because of international competition. In addition, the weakness of frank Switzerland compared to the euro depends on various international factors, like the fact that the frank one is used currently less as currency refuge.

As regards budget policy, the delegation of the IMF once again rented the barrier to the debt, which it regards as an effective instrument. The institution underlined elimination, in 2006 already, of the structural deficit as well as the reduction, lasting more than three years of at a stretch, of the debt.

The IMF on the other hand criticized the management of the non-recurring expenses. According to him, funds as the funds of infrastructure for example reduce the handiness of the financial policy. Medium-term, all the non-recurring expenses should be compensated within the framework of the barrier to the debt.

The new budgetary challenges in the long run, as the additional expenditure due to the demographic trends, are not taken into account by the barrier to the debt. Other measurements will be thus necessary, estimates the IMF. Any delay in the decisions will increase the costs of the adaptations.

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Like the other Western countries, Switzerland is confronted with the ageing growing of its population. The manpower of more than 65 years - which accounted for already 15,8% in 2004 - will increase by 60 to 120% from here 2050 according to scenarios' of the federal Office of the statistics.

In other words, there will be always less credits for more and more of pensioners. It is a problem for the AVS, more especially as this insurance is mainly financed by the wage contributions.

This concern is shared by the political community which presents various ideas to find a solution. Inter alia ideas, it is an in particular question of raising the retirement age (currently fixed at 65 years) or to decrease the services provided by AVS.s.

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Bank of the world

• To use the BNS (national Switzerland banks)

The socialist party does not want these two solutions. For this reason it brings its own solution to ensure the financing of the AVS through its Bénéfices initiative of the national Bank for the AVS which is submitted to the people on September 24.

This initiative proposes to pay the money which the BNS does not need to lead its monetary policy in funds AVS.

The sums in question are consequent. The annual average benefit of the national Bank is 3,4 billion, points out Marlyse Dormond, socialist deputy and vice-president of the Committee for safety AVS (COSA). Currently, these surpluses are shared at a rate of a third for the Confederation and of two thirds for the cantons, as the Constitution envisages it.

It should be noted that the initiative would not completely deprive the cantons of this basket, since it provides that a billion for per annum would be still versed them.

There had already been some discussion about allotting to the insurance whole or part surplus gold of the BNS.

Switzerland having given up the parity but, the BNS sold the gold which was not used any more for its monetary policy. The product brought back 21 billion frank.

The hard line required that this sum be versed with the AVS. The government and the Parliament wished to share this sum between three recipients: cantons, the AVS and the interdependent Swiss Foundation. These two projects were refused by the people. The 21 billion was thus distributed in accordance with what the Constitution provides, namely a third for the Confederation and two thirds for the cantons.

The share of the cantons was already versed. As for the share of the Confederation (7 billion), the government proposes to pour it at bottoms AVS if initiative COSA is refused by the people on September 24.

The state pension scheme and surviving forms the first of the three pillars of the system of the retirements. Obligatory, the AVS is a basic insurance which ensures a vital minimum reprocessed (as of 65 years), with the orphans, with the widowers/widowed. The 2nd pillar is the professional precaution.

It is about an obligatory private insurance to which paid and employers cotisent with equal shares. The accumulated money is redistributed with the retirement in the form of revenue or of capital.

The third is the individual precaution. Deductible fiscally, the latter is optional. OUTSTANDING FACTS In January 2006, 1 ' 701 ' 000 people touched a retirement pension and 104 ' 000 a revenue of widower or widow.

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Election in Switzerland

Ecology has the wheel in motion

The other large winner of these elections is ecology. The Party Swiss ecologist made a success of his party while flirtant with the symbolic mark of the 10% of voice and while managing even to enter to the Upper House. In addition, on the right, the liberal ecomovement, which did not exist yet four years ago, made a beautiful breakthrough.

This projection of the ecologists was done primarily with the detriment of the Socialist party which, while going down in lower part from the bar from the 20%, knew true “black Sunday”. This carryforward of part of the voices of the Socialists towards the ecologists is not astonishing.

Indeed, the ecologists currently can surfer on a set of themes - the climate change - which is in the air of time. As for the Socialists, they collapsed especially in German-speaking Switzerland, where they distanciés their traditional topics, like the problems of the company, the workers or the Social Security, the political economist Ernest Weibel comments. In French-speaking Switzerland, where they remain closer to these topics, they resisted better.

Remain to see now if this opening of the Greens can last. A study of the University of Bern shows that the Green elected officials are those which vote more with counter-current of the Parliament. In addition, their popular initiatives are swept by the people. There thus seems to be a shift between the success of the Greens in the elections and their real effectiveness. The future will say how this shift is perceived by the citizens.

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