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Bank of businesses
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The World Bank

The World Bank, which was created during the Second World War with Bretton Woods (New Hampshire), initially carried its efforts on the rebuilding of Europe of post-war period and, in 1947, it granted to France its first loan, of an amount of 250 million dollars.

The rebuilding remains an important objective of work of the Bank being given the needs generated by the natural disasters, the humane urgencies and the conflicts in the developing countries and the economies of transition.

The world was quite different fifty years ago. Nobody spoke about emergent markets. There was no general tendency to privatization, not of revolution in the communications, nor of universalization of the economy.

The planet did not count more half of the world population of today. It is in this context that in 1956 the IFC was born.

George Bush announced, May 30, 2007 the candidature of Robert Zoellick for the presidency of the World Bank, it will be the owner of this great institution. Its approach is simple: to make trade a new form of diplomacy.

The goal of the World Bank n'est not to make charity. The fact that the bank s'appuie on the markets, l'investissement, the good management of the public affairs and the partnerships to help the POPULATIONS are principles which American appreciate.

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Today, the Bank replaces all its activities within the total framework of the fight against poverty.

Its manpower, formerly homogeneous and primarily made up of engineers and financial analysts, all based in Washington, are characterized from now on by the multiplicity of their countries of origin and their fields of specialization (economy, public policy, sectoral policies and questions and social sciences).

Currently, 40 % of the bank clerks work in the representative offices opened by the institution in certain Member States.

The Bank itself is more important, covers more fields and is much more complex than before. It is in fact with present a group, made up of five narrowly affiliated institutions of development:

In 2004, the World Bank provided financings to height of 20,1 billion dollars and continued operations with the profit of more than 100 developing countries to help them, thanks to its financial and technical contributions, to reduce poverty.

The International Finance Corporation (International Finances Corporation or the IFC) is the institution of the Group of the World Bank in charge of the operations with the private sector.

The creation of the IFC in 1956 was the acté first posed by the international community to promote the investments deprived in the developing countries.

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emergent markets

In the Eighties, the Bank had to reorientate its action with various recoveries:

At the beginning of this period, the macroeconomic problems and the questions of rééchelonnement of the debt requested its attention while, a few years later, the social and environmental questions are of a prevalent importance and the civil company, increasingly anxious to make hear its voice, showed the Bank not to respect its own principles within the framework of certain very visible projects.

Little time after the publication of the Wapenhans report/ratio, which was prepared to answer the concerns caused by the quality of the operations of the Bank, of the reforms were adopted, such as the creation of a panel of inspection to examine the complaints deposited against the Bank.

Criticisms did not cease growing to culminate in 1994, at the time of the annual Assemblies held in Madrid.

Reforms and revival

Since, the Group of the Bank made important progress.

The five institutions which constitute it are endeavoured - separately and collectively - to improve their effectiveness, which it is in the domestic front or external.

The customers declare satisfied, as a whole, of the changes brought with regard to the range of the services offered and the provided products, the engagement of the institution and the quality of the operations of the Group of the Bank.

The Bank plays more than ever an important role on the level of the world politics. It collaborates effectively with various partners and country customers to face situations urgently complex, that it is within the framework of the efforts carried out at the end of the conflict in Bosnia, the support granted to Asia of the East after the crisis, the cleaning of the areas of Central America devastated by a hurricane, supply of one support in Turkey at the following day of an assistance or earthquake, granted to Kosovo and theLight one.

In spite of considerable progress which was made, the program of work of the Group of the Bank is not completed, and it could not never be it as long as the considerable problems posed by the development continue to become extensive.

The principal outstanding facts of the history of the Bank are recalled on the page devoted to the Chronology of the events of the Group of the World Bank.

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Bank of businesses

Trades of the bank

To speak only about France, the profession hopes more than 400 000 collaborators, the bank is one of the first private employers.

It proposes in particular a broad variety of trades in contact with the customers. It is a dynamic sector, which recruits to accompany the development by its activity, to answer waitings of the customers who appreciate a relation between proximity and their bank, and to anticipate the many departures with the retirement envisaged these next years.

The banks thus form part of the first recruiters in France. They engage of 30 000 to 40 000 people per annum, including more than 70 % of young people of less than 30 years. From this point of view, the banks resort more and more to the training in alternation.

The banks are service companies to strong added value. The women and the men who compose them represent their most invaluable asset thus.

The development of new technologies, the sophistication of the techniques and the products as well as the increasing internationalization of the markets and the new customer requirements strongly transformed the activity of the banking companies and that their collaborators.

What the subprime ?

A credit subprime is a credit at the risk, to oppose to a traditional credit (premium)

It is known as “at the risk” because granted households of which solvency is too low. So much, in fact, which they cannot resolutely reach a traditional credit.

To compensate for this risk, the organizations lenders, often specialized in this crenel, thus two conditions with the subscribers to subprimes pose: high and evolutionary rates of refunding and a guarantee on the real estate acquired by this credit.

What the crisis of the subprimes ? | subprime mortgage |

The American crisis of the subprimes is the consequence of two events: a rise of the rates which made refunding too difficult for many households and a reversal of the real estate market which decreased the value of their real estate. Blow, even the sale of the house or apartment is not enough any more to refund the credit.

The organizations lenders of which a too significant number customers are in this case risk the bankruptcy. It is the first stage of the crisis, summer 2007.

The second stage, namely the contagion of the crisis to the whole of the financial markets concerns another mechanism: the securitization of the subprimes. That consists, for the organizations lenders, to transform their appropriations into financial titles which they will sell on the markets.

The hedge funds, specialized in the speculation on products at the risks, were thrown above, without seeing the crisis coming. And today, nobody any more wants theirs to repurchase…

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